Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Office Decor, Christmas Cards and Gifts

Over the years I've collected a few little Christmas figurines and today I decorated my office. It took about five minutes. Just a matter of getting these out of the plastic storage box under my desk. Several years ago I put twinkle lights on the fake ficus tree and just left them there. Hint to Sparky: If you leave lights on the tree forever, they won't burn out! The tissue holder with the bow on top is really old - I have no idea who gave it to me.

I have pondered whether to send Christmas cards this year. And whether to send to just the out-of-towners or folks we don't see often, like Mr. and Mrs. Carpenter, Mr. and Mrs. Johnson, Glenda and Emory, Richard and Linda. Of course, I always do send some, after all the pondering. My decision was made for me, it seems, at the bookstore when I dropped in for boxes of birthday cards for my Sunday School class girls. Buy two boxes of any kind of cards and get a free box of Christmas cards. I had already bought some Christmas stamps, anticipating that I might. So now, no excuses. Last year I flew through the rituals of the holidays and still seem unable to recall details - it was such a blur - trying to be the same, when things weren't the same. We've already given some gifts we were blessed to be able to do, and also to give them early! Maybe things will be a little slower this year. But that would be entirely up to me. I have to make time to stop and think about what I'm doing and what and Who I am focusing on. This year will be different still, but hopefully better.

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