Tuesday, December 16, 2008

It Only Takes a Little Ice

Marsha (my sister-in-law) texted me this afternoon that brother Mike had fallen at work and crushed his right wrist. He was getting ready for surgery. I immediately called her and she said she'd let me know when he was out.

He had slipped on ice on one of the trucks - I assumed the one he was driving or loading/unloading. But he fell about four feet and I'm sure all his weight went on that wrist. He was alone where he was working, drove himself about 30 miles to one of the clinics in Iuka, called Marsha, and she drove them to Corinth, where he had surgery. He did fine and they were going home tonight! He will be off work from six to eight weeks. Pray for Mike - and Marsha!

I called Sher and Steve and let them know and both were going to or had checked on him.

I drove pretty slowly to work this morning, not being able to tell if the wet places were just water or ice on the highway. By noon there were icicles on my truck. Tonight I went out to the truck for something and it looks as if it's cleared off a lot. But it's sooo cold!

Praying he gets along okay. Knowing Mike, he'll have cabin fever. Thank goodness he didn't land on his head or back!

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