Thursday, December 25, 2008

Coming Soon

After this Saturday... I had this brilliant idea that I will list all 52 Saturdays of the past year that I have faithfully written in my Memphis Schools Calendar for 2008. Sher and I put a marble in a bowl for each Saturday... This is from the email story that went around and may soon come back around, about keeping up with the Saturdays in your life. I don't remember how many we are "likely" to have, but at least for 2008 I did write in my little calendar the one or few things that I wanted to remember about that particular Saturday. It'll be fun looking back. Or not...! Did I waste some? Probably. Did I enjoy them all? Probably not. Was I grateful for all of them? Most definitely! Do ya'll do this?

(I used the Memphis Schools Calendar because it had a picture of Bruce School in it! Which is where I went to school in second grade when I was living with Mama and Papa. Years ago, Teri and I were in Memphis and I wanted to drive by there to take a picture of the school - but it had been demolished! So last year I found this calendar at Davis-Kidd and there was Bruce. You can see it soon...)

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