Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Day

Today was pretty quiet. Paul was up before me; I got up at 7:30, cooked our big, full breakfast of things we don't usually have (eggs, sausage, ham, bacon). I even gave Oscar a dab of scrambled eggs and bits of biscuit for his Christmas breakfast. He's been shelling pecans just about all day. I have been in the recliner a lot, napping, reading. This afternoon I walked O, went to Jean's to see her and her family and take Julia's gift to her. I cooked our supper around 4:30 (very simple - hamburger steaks with grilled onions, baked potato, salad). Paul said he believed that was the first time he'd had that for Christmas. He'd told me that's what he wanted. We didn't make it to the movie - Paul really didn't think they'd be showing it tonight so we just decided to go tomorrow night. I'd mentioned to Jean we might be going and around 6:50 she called to see if we were coming. I guess they decided to go.

Paul had one gift to open - I'd gotten him some new knit shirts from Lands End. We'll to our "after Christmas" shopping later.

I talked to Sher this morning, to Amy before she had to go to work at noon. Paul called David and Mama Nick. I talked to Steve. Mike and Marsha went to her folks in Alabama.

I found this verse last night when I was reading Mama's Bible before I went to bed. She had highlighted verse 13 (Isaiah 54). She prayed this for her children.

A different kind of Christmas, but nice.

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