Friday, December 26, 2008

The Day After

Paul has diligently blown every leaf off our yard - it's back to routine things here. I put a roast in the crock pot this morning, baked two pecan pies, and some peas, warming the leftover mac/cheese/ham. Cleaned out some old notebooks, magazines for "repurposing." I know these people who are gifted with my accumulation of stuff really appreciate it...! I already "took down" our tree. It's waiting to be bagged up and hung in the attic; I've put away the figurines. WRVR is no longer playing Christmas music. Oscar has been very mellow this afternoon, as I have.

It's been cloudy today and here it is 3:00. I really need to take O for a walk before it pours down rain! I suppose I should get dressed, though. I still have on Mama's Jamas.

Maybe tonight we'll get to see the movie, if Paul isn't totally exhausted. Tomorrow we pack the Christmas gifts for Amy, magazines, one of the pies (Paul finally stopped shelling at about 2 gallons of pecans!), Christmas card pictures for her to see, and go to her house.

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