Sunday, November 09, 2008

What Makes Me Content...

My carefree dog running toward me and the warmth of the (his) house.

A crock pot of creamy hot potato/vegetable/chicken/Velveeta soup.

This baby doll that told me at Walmart, "Here am I. Send me." She goes into Samaritan's Purse Christmas gift box.

Paul using the leaf blower on Saturday. (The yard is covered again, but at least he's ahead of them!)

Going to the new Hay's grocery. It is So Big. And nice and pretty - and big. And to think - I have the blessing of that abundance in America. I'll probably be stopping at "Little Hay's" on the way home from work for pick-up items like bread, soymilk, or what's-for-supper.

Getting a bag on our front door for the Good Shepherd Food Drive for Thanksgiving. Having the blessing of sharing that abundance.

Getting my closet cleaned out and a good headstart on the file cabinets. So much paper!

Finishing - finally - Leeway Cottage. I was compelled to finish it; it was strangely arranged, but for some reason I still think about it. Maybe that was the tension - keep the reader guessing. It ended, but didn't. Goodbye and Amen is about the next generation. Started reading Grace by Richard Paul Evans, recommended by Wanda.

A great sermon on giving, Christmas, Lottie Moon Foreign Mission offering, budgeting, tithing, Faith offering; Sunday School lesson about apology and the sincerity behind apologies, the body language of apology. There was good class participation on this lesson and prayer requests at the beginning of the class, as always, but one special one for a member who is under much stress lately. Beautiful music in the worship service lead by our new worship minister Luke Tolar. (Now I can't remember the name of the song the choir sang. Will have to ask Tom. I think it's on an old CD I have.)

Tickets purchased for Glorious Gift of Christmas for me and Amy, on Monday, December 1. We'll be at Claire's table.

Reading the Sunday paper. Having time.

And this is not exactly a contentment - not having Teri is not contentment, for sure, but the peaceful visit to Cogbill Cemetery and taking a new shell for Teri's marker, in remembrance; a shell from the beach near Ft. Morgan we just returned from and where we girls all had so much fun nearly 4 years ago. (It's the one on the right; the other one was placed the First Year and was from our January 2005 trip.) Happy Birthday Remembrance, Teri, my dear friend.

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