Friday, November 07, 2008


I'd asked a friend to go with me to the grief support meeting last night at church, but when she couldn't I was undecided about going myself. I did attend the first meeting last month and it was good, and I plan to go back. On the way home, though, I stopped at Caldwell for some gifts and Jean called me to see if I would be going by the library for the ladies' art show. I had the reminder card on my stove hood, but completely forgot about it. So I decided to go there instead.

I know five of the six ladies whose art was displayed in the Lolly Shaver Room - and was so pleased and surprised to see such a wide range of talent! These are all ladies who've retired, who have created art in the past and renewed their craft or who have just begun with this class. Gay Kittrell is their wonderful instructor. They've been having classes since February and they all had several pieces. I think they were all oil paintings, most were framed. Let's see if I can remember all of the ladies: Camelia Kernodle, Betty Molnar (Forrest City - had pottery class with her two years ago), Rayanne Coker (I think the only one I don't know), Libby Washington, Kathy Hagler, Mary Hagaman. (Mary, I apologize - I don't think I even got to speak to you!) The paintings will be on display at the Cross County Library until the 20th I believe. It will be well worth your time to go by and see this display of talent!

Sandra Tucker said she'd had Teri on her mind a lot lately and I told her that Teri's birthday is Sunday, the 9th. Teri took a watercolor class from Gay the summer of the year she retired.

I got to visit with several people I don't get to see that often and it was nice. I really enjoyed it and consider it a great therapeutic outing - just looking at the paintings made me feel "creative!" Imagine if I would just pick up a paintbrush! Someday maybe I'll get the chance to take a class from Gay. For now I'm happy I have my little camera and just write "stuff." No pictures of this event here today - I didn't ask to make any; just went and enjoyed looking. You just need to go see them in "real life."

Yesterday evening's sunset. Taken on my way home, just at the Wynne bypass stop light. It was about 5:05. In twelve minutes' time, the sky was gray and darkening. So much can happen in just a few minutes.

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