Monday, November 10, 2008


Foot-in-Mouth Disease: Ever say something you knew you shouldn't? Ever start to say something and in mid-thought or mid-sentence realize the point you wanted to make has no relevance to what's coming out of your mouth and it seems there is no stopping it and it just comes out anyway? Ever start to say something and realize it was the wrong thing and say it anyway? Me neither.

Small World: One of Mr. Buck's friends from Searcy was a Cooperative Education teacher the same time Paul was. He read Becky's blog (Becky's Family, below) and asked her if Paul could be the same Paul he knew back when. Indeed he is the same one. I told Paul this evening and he remembered Harold Valentine well from their teaching days. Paul said he had received a plaque for something during that time and Mr. Valentine presented it to him at a meeting.

Bath Time: The first thing I did this evening after I got home was give Oscar a bath. I just didn't do it this weekend and he needed it! I think he got so excited knowing what was about to befall him it upset his stomach. I have learned that rather than go into the lion's den when I start to pick him up for his bath (lion's den being wide mouth/sharp teeth on small but sometimes fierce dog), I will give him a piece of Beggin' Strip. He probably gulped it down too fast and then in the throes of being all dominated on his back (fastest flip I believe I've ever seen him do), he started getting sick. But it was just the one time and he was good, as usual, for his bath once we got started. (He has nipped me a few times, but I don't back down from him. If I ever did, it'd be twice as hard the next time. The treats do sort of fool him, but this time he caught on really quick. I probably won't give treats prior to bath next time. He will associate it with something he doesn't like and it has worked so well for his back-yard training!)

Veterans' Day Tuesday: Thank God for all the veterans who have given their lives, their time, their service, so we can enjoy the freedoms we have. City Hall isn't open tomorrow but it isn't a holiday for us (WECC). I suggested we go to Colby's for breakfast and Paul said okay. It's near the hospital and by the time we finish, it'll be time for me to go there to have my CT scan for the thingy on my lung. I hope it hasn't grown, or even better, has disappeared. I asked my Sunday School class to pray for me.

Flu Shots: The health department called and left a message at work that they have us scheduled for Thursday at 7:00 A.M. That's a bit early; I'm going to call back tomorrow and ask for at least 7:30. Everyone I canvassed today (except 2 people) said 7 was fine. But it won't take the nurses very long; I had faxed them names, DOBs and addresses, so they should have half their paperwork done. Forty signed up for them. Last year it was on November 19. Augusta and Moro have already had theirs.

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