Friday, November 21, 2008

So Cold!
I dragged out my long black wool coat to take tomorrow to the ballgame.

"Are you wearing longhandles?" I asked Paul. (If you don't know what longhandles are, they're long johns or thermal underwear.) He said probably.

I have undies, too, not thermal, but silk - and I've worn them to work during the coldest part of the winter - under jeans or slacks. And why, you may ask, are you going to sit out in the cold if you have to wear something you would need to wear inside, you're that cold-natured?


1) I enjoy the trip with Paul, talking, catching up, listening to the radio, even giving Oscar a fun trip.

2) It is Bulldogs vs Razorbacks.

3) I want to go to at least one ballgame.

4) MS State campus is beautiful and I enjoy seeing it.

5) I have unfettered free time, in the truck, where I don't have to think about doing anything, like laundry, or cooking.

6) I get to spend the night with my sister, and we get to be silly, or even cry together if we need to.

7) I may get to spend some time in Barnes and Noble, if it is too cold.

8) I don't have to cook.

9) Paul won't drive back the same day - I think that's too much driving to make it a one-day trip, but he won't listen to me.

10)I get to see the Jumbotron.

Actually, I don't have sense enough to stay out of the cold.

But maybe the weatherman is wrong, a warm front will come through, and it will be at least, oh, 60 tomorrow. I just looked at the weekend forecast and they've raised it from 5o to 55 - and sunny! Things are looking better!

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