Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I Used to be Crafty

I read Alicia Paulson's blog; OKperi's Place; visit Danny Gregory's Everyday Matters; and others that they have listed as favorites. I look closely at the pictures of their crafts and artwork and examine even the type of straight pins they use in their sewing projects, and think, I used to do things like that. When did I stop? What was the last thing I made? The little girl rabbits and their dresses, pantaloons, pinafores, and tiny pearl strands tied around their ears? But the J Girls (Jessi and Jenni) were little then! I made rag dolls similar to Cabbage Patch, using big long needles and quilting thread that nearly cut my fingers for Amy, Melanie and Jordan, but they are women now and Jordan is a young man. He was not even two when I sent his and Mel's to Belgium! I have a quilt I started for Amy years ago that I suppose is in the storage building. I love fabrics, paper, scissors, and sewing machines! I guess I fell in love with them when I took home ec in 9th grade. (Scissors: My grandma Goobie used to cut out paper dolls or those chain-dolls for me and I would love to watch her hands, how the scissors worked, and even how they sounded.)

I think now I do not have enough time or space, which is silly. I have as much time as I ever had, but time covers only so many actions in a day, and my actions have slowed down considerably. Space - not so much of that. But it's because over the years I've accumulated so many books and the computer space, which I did clean up and have a boxful of papers to be shredded, constantly attracts more statements, bills and things for the "keep" file. The kitchen table has become a holding place for library books, Sunday School books, calcium and vitamin tablets. (Paul's "space" is in the garage and he has quite an accumulation of lumber, pieces of boards, shop rags, and yard and carpentry tools as I have things in the house! This is my crafty and frugal husband: he was some boards short in the swing repair, so he cut and pieced together a dozen or more shorter lengths to get the job finished! And he was working in a space about 4 feet wide because his Camaro and the lawn mower are in there. So I should not say I have no space.)

But I have my little camera... It's contained, it's neat, it downloads to a safe, organized place. And I sit, write, and think about things - it's relaxing and helps me sort through the day, organize my thoughts, and occasionally remember big words.

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