Monday, November 24, 2008

A Great Weekend!

We had a great weekend! The weather was perfect, the trip was safe, we won the game (31-28), we had a great time at Sher's! It doesn't take a lot to make me a happy camper!

We met Sher just south of West Point, MS, around 11:40 and she got Oscar and he went home with her. It was just a gorgeous day – the temperature was between 50 and 55. Paul has his chosen lot he parks in and seems to get out afterward pretty quickly, but we had about 12 miles – okay, about a mile - to walk to the stadium. We took plenty to wrap up in – gloves, earmuffs, wool coat, but until the sun began to get lower (we were in the east stands way up high!) it was really nice.

We took the elevator up (Paul’s seats are I think the last level!) It wasn’t a long wait; and afterward, coming down, he decided to walk the spiral ramp, and I was going to ride back down, but after standing in the crowded line for several minutes and one elevator working, decided the walk down wouldn’t be too bad. After the jumbotron (that’s really what I went to see) the shadow and the line of the cold front began to take over the south end of the field, it started to cool off, so the extra covers were welcome. Leo Seal, for whom the Club House is named, a great patron, passed away last week and the players all had “Leo” stickers on their helmets and “Leo” was painted on the field.

There weren’t as many tailgaters as other games. But the most crowded and warmest place was the Barnes and Noble bookstore! Couldn’t stir ‘em with a stick. Normally I love bookstores, and this is a really pretty one, built like an old depot, but I was ready to leave after about 15 minutes. The game itself was good (sorry Hog Fans! I know this bumped the Razorbacks out of a bowl game) I watched the ‘tron a lot the last quarter as it was easier to see, but it was a good game. I said they sure are playing it slow, and Paul informed me they have to stop for pay/view or Comcast or something, commercials, even though it wasn’t shown live. It started at 1:30 and was over around 5; we got to my Sher’s in Columbus about 20 miles away just at 6 p.m. Even the smallish crowd stayed around and hardly anyone left toward the end. At half-time, there was a tribute/recognition of the armed forces – each branch. Several men/women unfurled our flag almost as long as the field and “waved” it. I always get very teary-eyed during those – I appreciate our military so much.

Sunday we ate breakfast about 7:30 - bacon, eggs, biscuits, honey-butter, orange juice; read the paper; looked at some discarded library books Sher had bought and she let me choose one. They were mostly art books; the one I wanted has copies of paintings that look as if they've been matted and ready to frame. Most of these books are so old the plastic library jacket is split and tearing, so they got really good use over the years. Sher and I walked the dogs and she showed me a house in her neighborhood she really likes. (Paul had already taken O out for his morning deal, but he was thrilled to get to bury up in the leaves. I know her neighbors appreciated him romping in their leaf piles!)

We left around 11:00 and got home after a nice drive - during which I had two naps - about 6:00. On the way home, I called Aunt Ginny to let her know we'd be there for dinner Thursday; and Mama Nick. Aunt G said Lynn had gone to the hospital and was in labor. This is her and Brandon's first baby - she's 36 or 37. I haven't heard from anyone today. Lynn is Paul's first cousin's (Glenda and Emory's) oldest daughter. Lynn and Tara's granddad was Mama Nick's brother.

Amy had fuse problems Sunday morning, but Paul called her after she got home from work and walked her through the checking steps. It was a burned out fuse and she actually had a fuse to replace it! So all was well.

New meaning for "in the Dawg House."

Honoring our military.

We were pretty far up in the stands, so this was much easier to see a lot of the time!

We only spent a few minutes here - it was very crowded and very hot.

Paul didn't object to standing next to a Razorback truck!

At Sher's after the game. I surprised her by taking the Russian Santa to her - on loan this year - for her new gas heater/fireplace. It looked right at home! She was tickled!

After we ate Sher's delicious chicken/wild rice/broccoli/cheese soup, Paul was into another ballgame on TV.

Sher's knitting.

Her cat, Minnie. Bailey and Minnie are both black/white and have white "mustaches."

In Mama's Jammies.


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