Sunday, November 16, 2008

Man at Work

Paul staining the swing yesterday in the garage. I told him he'd have stain on his MS State sweatshirt and he said he already did. "At least it matches the maroon," I told him.

He didn't miss many ballgames yesterday as the old TV in the garage could attest. Something very soothing about football game background noise - good to nap by - good to paint by. (Alabama beat MS 32-7...)

The first Decadent Carrot Raisin Cake is in the oven and smells so good! I knew I'd have more time this afternoon than tomorrow night to bake it for Tuesday. Too easy.

Talked to Sher. She's trying to time her turkey-roasting schedule for Thanksgiving morning so she can have said Organic Tom T at Mike's by 1:00. "Take him in your stew pot," I told her. "He'd be standing on his head." "He won't know that. He dead." They're eating around 3:00 I think. Paul just talked to Mama Nick and told her we'd be at Aunt Ginny's for dinner and I need to confirm that with AG as I said I would. What to do about Christmas? Traditions are hard to let go of in some cases, or break in others, if indeed it is time for that. I told Sher everyone who wanted to could come Out Here this year, but they would have to stay in motels. Well, one extra bedroom, a couch and two recliners does not make a lot of room for family at holiday time. What about Christmas Breakfast at the Nicholses? At David's this year again? I've always loved that. Then there's Amy's schedule - don't know if she'll be working or not. We could meet in Memphis the 26th at a restaurant and eat. Sher said she may go to Melanie's in Florida. We'll see how it goes.

Oscar and I went for a walk around our block. There's a little black and white Shih Tzu (Oreo) from down the street that was out for his own little walk, along with his pal the Chihuahua "Chi Chi." Oscar and Oreo greeted each other amicably and we went on our way. Oreo went home with his little boy. Such a pretty day - bright but cool, but I still wore a heavy jacket and earmuffs. There are still pretty leaves in trees, but many yards are full of them and some raked to the street edge for vacuuming.

This morning we couldn't get ourselves together so we went to SS first and second service. That's a first in quite a while. I was late getting out of SS, so I went out and around to the front door to go back inside the sanctuary. But it wasn't crowded like I thought it'd be. I guess hunting season is still in? Or maybe the first service has larger attendance all the time.

Friday Wally (Becky's husband) brought Scooter to the office after his (Scooter's!) grooming. Scooter loves everyone. Oscar would make you think so, then would snap your fingers off. He really doesn't mean it - it's a food defense or self-defense mechanism! Scooter's coat is longer and cut in a "skirt." Wally said he weighs maybe 10 pounds but of course looks larger with all his fluffy hair. And Oscar weighs nearly 16! Scooter has a "cousin" named Miller, who belongs to Beck and Wally's son and daughter-in-law Adam and Stephanie.

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