Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Another Day in the Life

Wondering if I made the copies of the form.

Taking the form back to the copier to make the copies.

Picking up the copies I had already made.

Forgetting to change the employee's current salary on the personnel form so his raise was less than he's presently making! The thing is, though - no one noticed it - the form was signed, sealed and delivered and I caught my error when I was checking his 401k amount. We did get it all fixed and now he's making what he should make and his 401k is just fine.

Changing the Good Copy of the policy and not changing the Marked Up Copy of the policy. Oh, but it has to be done - this is OCD at its finest! I don't do mark-ups often enough to remember how and Beck and Norma came to my rescue. And once I got it working, it was already something I had tried - I know I did... unless I forgot and had done something else. That's a possibility. (I love it when I'm asked, "One quick question," and "Would you do me a favor?" This seems to be my testing ground.)

We had our other nutrition (wellness) workshop today and I purposely didn't buy snacks for this morning because I knew we would be having our Thanksgiving dinner at 11:00, only 30 minutes after we were due to finish the meeting. But I heard a couple of the guys wondering, "Where's the food." I told them why there was none. Our nutritionist (Kathy, Kirk Ponder's wife) went to get their little boy Nicholas, 15 months, from the sitter's and they ate with us, too. I did try to watch my "portion" sizes. But unfortunately, there were a lot of portions. You know you have to have a spoonful of this and that, oh, and that one over there looks yummy, too, so you can tell everyone how good their food was! Ossie made sweet potato pie - just about my favorite and I had a whole piece of that, but it wasn't huge. Really.

Bren wrote today that we are of the age of grandmas and are grandmas (she is six times over) and she felt like it was time for the kids to all gather at their house. John and Mitzi and Noonan and Lila will be there for Thanksgiving. I talked to Amy a while ago and she's going to check about her work schedule on TG day. I told her we didn't mind if she didn't mind - that we'd go back to Memphis Friday or Saturday and we'd have more time with her and eat out somewhere. She said that was okay with her, but she'll still check her schedule about her starting time. Beck said she talked to Art and with so much going on now, Beck isn't going to fly out (to Arizona) for Justine's birthday/Christmas this year. Art and Justine will probably come in the spring and July 4 week on vacation. I said, "You had to be a little relieved." "I was a lot relieved," she said. "With the baby coming, due Christmas day; Daddy (Mr. Buck) being sick (he's been in the hospital again, trying to get rid of a lot of fluid that had collected, affecting his breathing and being tired all the time), and just not a good time right now to go."

Paul has gone to city council meeting tonight and expected it to be quite long as there were several items on the agenda. (He just came in and said things went well - "no fist fights" as he tells the guys on KWYN! lol)

I went to Walmart and picked up several turtleneck sweaters in different colors. The ones I got from Coldwater Creek are pretty, but the neck emphasizes my neck too much - my not-skinny neck - okay, my wattle thingy going on there. T necks cover up some of it. Made of the same material, too; not near as expensive. I may be taking them back, but I don't really like trying things on in dressing rooms, so I just got them and brought them home to try.

Another thing I forgot: When I was checking out, the checker and I were talking about the sweaters and I made sure I got all my bags, etc., and walked away, spoke to someone I knew and then heard someone saying, "Lady! Lady!" Calling me! I had left my cream cheese frosting and Purpose lotion on the counter - not scanned! I asked the young lady behind me if she didn't want to pay for those and she said she didn't want to pay for hers! So I did get to go ahead and check out again right away.

Carolyn, Norma and Wesley have been so busy with board report these last couple of weeks and Wesley with the auditor that I have hardly seen them. Maybe one day this week we can have lunch. Haven't seen Beck much either. Miss my buds. But today when I was having trouble with the Mark Ups on the document, all I had to do was pick up the phone and say, "I need you," and Beck was right there. And she went to get Norma for me. So fortunate to have friends who'll drop everything and come to help!

Beck's daughter-in-law's baby shower is Sunday and we'll be gone, on the way home from Columbus. I printed out the baby registry at WM but didn't see exactly what Stephanie and Adam had chosen so opted for a gift card. I'm sorry I'll miss the shower. I know they're excited - it's a boy! One of the items was a baby hoop tub toy - I'm sure Adam picked that out!

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