Saturday, November 15, 2008

End of the Day

Paul did make it up till 8:00! He's watching MS State/Alabama game. Today he took the old swing apart and replaced as much as he could. He has to get some more screws of some kind. Last time I went to the garage this afternoon he was staining what he had together.

This morning I stayed in bed longer than usual and went back to bed. Sometimes it's nice to do that - I took my coffee and just toast this morning and read a while then lay back down till about 9:30. Sher called and said "Ya Ya Sisterhood" was on so I turned that on. It had more or a different meaning to me this time than the first time I watched it. The first time, the Red Hatters - Teri, Jean, Carol and I - wore their purple shirts, picture badges with their Ya Ya names and went to the Wynne Twin to see it. That time I kept trying to figure out who was who as a young person then grown up. Today I "got it" in a different way that Vivi had a complete and total breakdown - I saw the story more from her point of view that from Sidda's. I called Sher and told her so and she agreed. She had not watched it but had it on where she could hear it.

I was only going to go to Walmart today, but they didn't have the Duncan Hines Decadent Carrot Cake Mix, so I stopped at Hay's for it. I plan to make one for our Thanksgiving dinner at work and one for each of our families when we go Thanksgiving - Aunt Ginny's and Mike and Marsha's. Cindy made one this week and brought to work and it's really good! I know it isn't "from scratch," but it's still delicious. It even has the carrots and raisins to add in. I also got the cream cheese frosting. (I used to make things like this from scratch - really.

I cooked pinto beans in the crock pot this morning and afternoon so we had beans, cornbread and slaw for supper, which hit the spot on a cold, windy day. The clouds actually looked snowy, but of course, it wasn't cold enough for that. (As I was leaving for WM, Paul asked me to get him a hamburger at Sonic and some onion rings, which I did. Oscar went with me and I got a small order of tater tots. He only gets a couple or three of those for a treat, which is probably too many, but it isn't often. The rest I had for supper.)

Oh, I see the pencils in my shadow box Amy made me have come loose again and I need to restick them. She made me a "collage" of sorts of all different kinds of pens, pencils, erasers, for Christmas about four years ago. It hangs over the computer and occasionally some of the velcro or sticky will let go and the pencils fall against the glass.

Last night Dick, Jean, Paul and I went to Champions to eat and Nikki and Carl Garner and their children came in not long after we were seated. Their four children were so well-behaved! It was great to see children so well-mannered in a restaurant. I remember in Sunday School when Todd and Rae were in our class, they were always very close and looked out for each other. Nikki asked about Amy and I told her she's doing fine and hoped to come to the Christmas supper - I had bought her ticket. (I read Kaye's blog today and about what she observed at Don Jose's - those poor children.)

Had an update from Kirk and he's doing fine. Many praises and prayer requests. I need to ask about a care package going to him, especially for Christmas...

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