Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Another Beautiful Day

I called Aunt Ginny on my way home and she said Lynn had had the baby - Corey Davis Burns - around 10:30 Monday, by C-Section! He weighed 8 pounds 5 ounces and was 19 inches long. Probably will go home Thanksgiving Day! Lynn went to Tupelo Sunday morning, they sent her home around 2 in the afternoon, and by 9 p.m. was back at the hospital. By the next morning it was evident he wasn't making much progress, so they did the section. I know Glenda and Emory are walking on clouds of happiness over their second grandson! And Tara (their younger daughter) is expecting in March, so Caleb will have a new sibling! (Shouldn't we all be at Christmas Breakfast like the "old days" at Mother Ruth's??)

Sher is in the throes of dealing with PPOs and in/out of network challenges to have some outpatient surgery. The last I heard a few minutes ago - she had an appointment in Memphis at 10:30 today and I had missed her call this morning. That's what happens when I don't have the phone attached to me to feel the vibration! I hardly ever put it on ring. I tried to call her when I discovered it, but evidently her appointment was on time.

I'd forgotten to vote yesterday evening, so Paul and I went to the court house and I voted. (He had already done so.) There was a run-off for county judge between Lee and Witcher, and Witcher won. Paul and I enjoyed visiting with the poll workers and we do appreciate their long hours of service on these important days: Dick and Jean Bonady, Sandra Tucker, Beryl Thomas, Stella Marcum, Dorothy Durham and many others.

We went to Kelley's for supper - one of my very faves - cheeseburger and regular fries. I could only eat half and saved the rest for lunch Wednesday. We met a newcomer to Wynne and a new waitress at Kelley's - Susan. She said she and her family decided on Wynne as a central location to move to; she had lived in Missouri. Her son is very impressed with Wynne High School as a student there, and she has enjoyed meeting people and already loves our community!

I needed some fresh eggs to bake my cakes for Thanksgiving and we stopped at Hay's for a few things. We ran into Billie and Junior Cooper with a cart of food. I asked Billie if Junior helps her cook and she assured me she couldn't do it without him! They would have about 15 or 20 I think she said at their house on TG Day. Our checker's name was Corintha and I told her about Corinth, MS. She had handled so many hams and turkeys that day that her right arm and shoulder were very painful. I suggested she take some Advil when she got off work!

Mike called as we were leaving to go vote to be sure we will still be at their house tomorrow; I told him we'd try to eat lightly (if that's possible!) at Aunt Ginny's and be there in the afternoon. He said there'd be loads of food so save some space! We should all try to visit the cemetery, too. Mama would have been 80 this Saturday, the 29th.

The cakes are baked - carrot/raisin - and I know will be token offerings! They can't hold a candle to AG's caramel cake! Or anything that Marsha makes! But I don't like to go empty-handed. When all the good things are gone, maybe someone will eat those!

Kaye Butler is working on a banner for me. I emailed her some pictures she's collaging and hopefully I'll be able to put them at the top here for a personalized header! I tried last week but couldn't make it work. She has all sorts of neat things on her page and her writing is soooo funny!

I don't often thank the younger generation - but thanks, all you young parents, for putting your babes' pictures on your blogs and sharing family fun times! I so enjoy seeing Emmy, Sol, Julia, Lucas - all the other little ones I don't usually get to see that often!

Look at Antique Mommy (link at left) for a great Thanksgiving entry by her!

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