Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Yesterday Cindy, Carolyn and I drove to Bruce, MS, for Norma's sister Judy's funeral. Ron loaned us his Garmin and it was pretty handy, just had us turning off onto the roadside before we got to Bruce - but we went right past the Parker Memorial Funeral Home and Bruce Cemetery, so we knew where we needed to be at 2:00. We went to eat lunch and drove around a bit, then I decided to stop at the police station and asked the officer on duty where he would recommend we eat. Not only did he tell us a good place (Veracruz Mexican Restaurant) but escorted us there! He left his own lunch and led the way there, then told us how to go on back to the funeral home without having to backtrack. Very nice. When I told him we were there for a funeral, he knew immediately whose.

There were so many people at the funeral home we could hardly walk. Norma was doing pretty well and introduced us to some of her family; Amy and her husband were there, and Alan. Donna and James arrived just after we did. The service was very sweet and Judy evidently touched many lives and was a vital part of the community.

The drive back was pleasant, reflective of all we'd seen and done, and we enjoyed each others' company all day. So nice to have friends to depend on. The time went fast since we were all talking about everything!

Norma said she'd probably be back at work today and she was. Carolyn was concerned for her being so tired, but Norma said she needed to be there, be with us.

I've started making my vacation list, got a few supplies at Wal-Mart today, started stacking some things together that I don't want to forget. I texted Amy to see if she has a white shirt so we can make a family picture on the beach. She does. Maybe I'll make Oscar a white kerchief. He'll be thrilled. I have my tripod on my list of things to take. Maybe the beaches will be fairly nice for pictures and walking - the realty company said there were no dunes. Sher may come Friday evening to spend that last night, on her way to Melanie's. I emailed Mel and we'll work out a time to see each other. Emailed our numbers and condo phone to family.

Tomorrow is boss's day and we're (the office) is taking snack food instead of trying to get gifts for bosses since some are not too easy to think of things for. Everyone likes food!

Jim is having his first eye surgery (cataract) "fine-tuned" tomorrow. The surgery was fine; the lens was not the correct one for that eye; he'd had a detached retina before and they were working around scar tissue as well as the cataract. Bren said they were going on the Tennessee-Tombigbee Fall Foliage Cruise this Saturday with a group from church. Here's a site that describes various Heritage events. Sher had mentioned this back in the summer, but with other schedules and trips, this wasn't one we could do this time.

Paul has been busy with city council meeting and city matters this week. We're all very ready for some relaxation and down time. The only thing I regret is that Mama Nick's birthday is next week when we'll be gone, which reminds me - I need to get her card and gift in the mail tomorrow! She will be 90 and Paul will be 62 on the same day, the 22nd. Beck's dad just turned 90 on October 13. We're fortunate to have our parents so long. I dreamed about Daddy Nick last night. Mama would have been 80 this year. She would have been incredulous! She could never believe she was as "old" as she was... Sweet little Mama.

Mama, April, 2007, Columbus, MS.

I believe this is the only picture I have of Mama Nick (left) and Mama together. This was made about 1998, when Mary Jane and Earl got married (Bren/Jim's daughter), at the old Tishomingo County Courthouse. You would be very blessed indeed to have such a sweet mother and mother-in-law as mine. I'm glad they stood so close. See how their shoulders fit together?

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