Thursday, October 16, 2008

Rainy Day

It poured on the way to work this morning. I couldn't find an umbrella in the truck, probably way in the back somewhere, but I had a windbreaker I threw over my head. The food we brought for Boss's Day was most welcome! Wesley's mother-in-law had made the sausage/egg casserole, Carolyn Hayes brought cheese and summer sausage, dip and chips; Danielle brought banana pudding, someone brought Hello Dollies; if I start trying to name everyone I'll be in trouble! It was all wonderful and the bosses appreciated it.

I've been catching up on payroll changes, and salary changes to the Lincoln office for next year's billing, and there were a lot of them. Some had changed since the first of the month and had to be corrected, and then there is the 401k spreadsheet that is really the beginning point for payroll changes. It's sort of convoluted to say the least, but if I can do it, anyone can. A lot of paper trails, which is good. We can always look back and see what was done and when, and accounting uses the spreadsheet for their purposes, too.

Mapquested the route to State Highway 180 we turn off to go to our place in the sun (I hope it's sunny). I remembered the Walgreens on the corner, so I found that and nothing appears to have moved, so I think we'll find it okay after dark. There is another apparently slightly shorter route; the straighter route goes practically straight down to Dauphin Island and then across on the ferry, which would be closer. But... The ferry doesn't run after 6:30 P.M. I don't really want to ride or drive onto a ferry boat after dark! Anyway, we plan to cross the ferry one day we're there and it's a pretty ride in the day.

Jennifer emailed some pictures she had of us.

I didn't go out for lunch; there is still food here anyway. It's wet and cool and my heater is on, humming nicely, so I have just snacked, written, and putzed during my hour. I bet Oscar didn't go outside when Paul went home for lunch; he tries to avoid the wet. Wonder how he'll do on the beach. I imagine the sand will feel funny. Speaking of paws... I ordered the Pedipaw nail file and he hates it. First of all, you have to "acclimate the pet to it." He will tolerate the sound of it, but not the touch to his toenail. We'll have to work on that. He is very sensitive about his nails. I'll probably end up using it myself.

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