Monday, October 13, 2008

Monday, Monday...

But first.

Sunday Paul and I went to church, Sunday School, then home for a few minutes until time to go to Mike and Donna's wedding at 11:30. It was at St. Peter's Catholic Church and was attended by family and close friends. It was a very sweet ceremony; I just felt lost without my camera, but maybe Mike will get one of the group pictures to me and Paul. We were all treated to dinner at JB's and had great steaks. We sat with long-time friends of Mike - Manny and Cathy, from Massachusetts and had a good visit, comparing the different cultures in the parts of the country we and they live in. They owned a home oceanside at one time (for 17 years) but at some point their families didn't care to go as they grew older - their parents. It was a lot of upkeep for a second home, so they sold it. I told Paul to ask Mike about them when he sees him around town. We had naps in the afternoon, then went to church last night. Brother Matt preached on responsibilities of citizens and how to prepare to vote, based on Scriptures. He isn't endorsing anyone, or not endorsing, just exhorting us to be prayerful about it.

This morning I learned that Norma's sister Judy died Sunday morning. She'd been very ill for some time and probably would soon have gone on hospice care, but this was very fast and somewhat unexpected. Norma had been there the weekend, giving their other sister Shirley some respite. The funeral is tomorrow and Carolyn, Becky and I from work, and Donna (who's retired and a close friend of Norma, also) are going to Bruce to the funeral. I plan to drive and may take Paul's truck since it is bigger and more comfortable for longer trips.

Tara brought Emmy by the office to see us! They were on their way to Neall and Becca's so Emmy can visit them this week. Tara has a business trip to make. They were also meeting Papa Richie - I think Emmy just says "Richie" - for lunch. She loved the gold fish, and had on the cutest little red patent boots! She's so friendly and sweet, waved and said "bye" when they left. I hope to get by Neall/Becca's this week to see her and Sol together.

I bet she can click her heels together!

I called about our condo, how to get the key after hours and location and got all that information. Reed Realty had their website back up and I found our unit and pictures of it - looks nice! It's about 1/2 mile from where we stayed in 2005. We will need to buy groceries and stock up on whatever we want because Paul, Amy and I have agreed we are going to see the ocean and will make very few trips back to town! I emailed Melanie and told her we'd be there week after next and our cell phone numbers. Hope we can go there or they can come visit us. We won't be there on a weekend, but maybe after Nate is out of school, we can get together.

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