Saturday, October 11, 2008


Up early this morning and had my appointment at Hairjazz. I was already dressed to go to West Memphis and we stopped by Hay's for balloons for Jana's birthday. That took longer than I thought, because the ones I liked were not already inflated, and then one of them got away from us. But the young lady who waited on me cleverly captured it with tape on a broom handle.

We got to Pancho's just at 12:30 and I had realized only minutes before that I hadn't called to see if we needed to reserve a table! But we didn't and had plenty of room. Was so good to see everyone! I think it was last winter when we were last together - at Pancho's. Amanda (Jennifer and Mike's little girl) had taken to Amy just from the time they met in the parking lot, and wanted to sit beside her. Daniel (Tabitha and Kerry's little boy) wanted to be with his Pop Pop. It was fun watching the little ones since I'm not around kiddoes very much. They're so sweet. Jana's the youngest of the Dexter girls, and her birthday was Thursday. They brought cupcakes for dessert. They're such pretty girls and so much fun - every one of them has a great sense of humor, as does Salinda and Richard. So glad to have so many cousins!

Salinda brought pictures of my dad, Luther - one I already had, but it was a little larger size, of him in his Navy uniform; another made in 1980. Jennifer had some of Amanda in her pretty white dress I think she said Tab had made for her.

Most of the pictures I made inside didn't turn out well. It was pretty dark and you know... the flash deal and the non-flash deal and movement, etc. Jennifer has a Canon (Rebel?) digital camera and Tabitha a Nikon D40. The shutters are so fast! They said they'd email pictures to me of the group. Paul and I stopped at Walmart on the way home and I looked at both kinds, both reasonably priced and within the amount I have squirreled away for "something special." Thinking about a new camera anyway. The Nikon uses image cards like I already have.

Back home by about 3:30 or so and I hosed the leaves off the patio, gave Oscar a bath this evening and lay down and read for a while, never did nap. Then I folded clothes and put them away, had a bowl of cereal for supper, and decided to look at the pictures and see if I could do anything with them. Here are a few. Will put some more up when I get them from Jennifer and Tab.
Amanda, Amy, Dawn, Jana (whose birthday was Thursday), Tabitha.

Daniel and Pop Pop (Richard).


Tabitha, Amy, Jennifer.

Richard and Paul.

Salinda and I are on the girls' cameras. Saving the best for another time! :-

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