Friday, October 03, 2008

I Went Shopping and Other Friday Fun Things

Not ever a really good experience, as you may know. There was a sale at Edwin Houston and Norma and I went at lunch and met Donna there. Again, the jeans. Again, the size. Again, the full-size mirror. These jeans have that wonderful ingredient spandex in them, which means when I sit down I can breathe. I did find a black denim embroidered jacket, so now I can change up wearing that one and my old blue denim one that I had to use fabric glue or whatever that keeps the little embellishments from falling off. I do love jackets. I also found some tops with 3/4 sleeves. Everything was on sale. Except the jeans. Or as Paul says, "Everything is always on sale."

The Razorbacks play the Florida Gators this weekend and Don had "decorated" Billy's office this morning with some Gator things. (Don's from Florida originally). Matt, Don's boss, came and asked me if I could be around when Don gets to work at 3:00 to make his picture. The dispatch room looks as if Wesley moved his office over there, or they're having a sale on Razorback stuff! It's everywhere- red balloons, flags clipped to the A/C vent overhead, a Hogs afghan, fight song playing, Hog wallpaper on the giant mapping screen...!

Wesley cleverly pasted Don's face over his in this picture with then-coach Houston Nutt (now in Mississippi - yea! - albeit Ole Miss). Don seems to be asking, "How did this happen?"

A good sport!

After I got home Paul and I went to Colby's to eat and saw Beverly and Ronnie McMinn sitting visiting with Glenda and Randal Caldwell. Teri and Beverly were very good friends and she and Richard always went to Ronnie's office for him to do their eye check-ups. They were in town for Beverly's reunion this weekend.

Paul went to the ballgame for a while tonight (Wynne's homecoming). Sher called and told me how she arranged her little cutting table in her kitchen so it would be more useful. We talked about things to do in our houses and kitchens, hanging pictures back up in mine, valances, French doors, "tossing" grandma's apron in such a way that it doesn't look tossed, but part of the homey decor, and Alicia Paulson's piece of writing about her open windows and fresh air.

Sher is reading the other entries as I'm finishing up. Goodnight from Oscar and Seester...

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