Saturday, October 04, 2008

Pajama Saturday

I slept until shortly after 8:00 this morning and it felt wonderful! I'm usually up during the night and sometimes awake for an hour or two, but if I even got up last night I don't remember it. It was cool enough to have Mama's quilt over me and it was just-right sleeping weather! Had a really healthful breakfast of two small honeybuns (this is Paul's stash, but he shares - and he knows how many carbs in everything, and believe me, he doesn't go over what he's supposed to have); but my carbs were a bit more than the two buns because I add sugar and cream to my coffee. I did my Sunday School lesson at the kitchen table, which is really a work table now, used mainly for library books, breakfast (mine), and a place to charge my cell phone.

Paul was painting on the house - this morning he was working on the carport, finishing up underneath.

I asked him to carry boxes from the storage building and got out pictures that I'd taken down from the kitchen when he painted there. After Sher and I talked last night, I decided to put my old stuff back up. It feels like my kitchen now. (She asked if I'd seen the retro-colored appliances - the light green color for one; I reminded her I have a retro-stove, and it's the original!) If you see something slightly off-kilter about the alignment of the window and sink, it is off-kilter. When this house was built in 1962 it was straight. When we put in the dishwasher 30+ years ago, the only way to do that was to move the sink and cabinet over so it would fit. I think the cabinet, also. Anyway the sink. The sink for sure used to be straight under the window. But it's our crazy little off-kilter paid-for house. And I have a dishwasher. Notice the antique stove. It is the exact same one Mama Nick has and I'm sure hers is as old as ours. She cooked way more than I did, though! The little elephant with the white sailor cap (the lid) sitting on the counter is a cookie jar that Sher gave me a hundred years ago (really about 35). I washed it in the dishwasher once and that was a sad mistake. It washed his glaze and part of the paint off. But he's okay. Empty right now.

For lunch we had peas, okra, cornbread and the last of the roast from last week; then we had naps. I got up around 4:30 and knew I still needed to go to the grocery store, but I hadn't got dressed all day (how wonderful!) so I showered.

Since O had rolled around in the yard in his special scent-known-only-to-him spot this week, and I'd brushed leaves, dried grass and pine needles out of his hair many times, and he smelled like a dog (imagine that), I gave him a bath, too. Only I'd forgotten Paul was washing his truck by this time and every time he turned the hose on, we nearly got scalded. I could tell when it was going to change temps and turned it off in time. The water for O can just be lukewarm -very sensitive skin.

Arkansas got beat today by Florida. Knowing Don, I'm sure he was gracious to his Razorback host. And knowing Wesley, I'm sure he was the perfect host! Can't wait to hear about it! Auburn got beat one point by Vanderbilt 14-13. MS State was off this week.

I talked to Sher again. She was resting with feel propped up - her feet and legs were hurting her - I sympathized and empathized. She'd walked around Lowe's some today which accounts for some of it - those concrete floors will get your legs every time. She had ordered her gas heater today and was looking for a divider for her kitchen, some kind of cabinet; asked if I had anything tall and skinny. "No..." I told her. "Well, the only thing tall and skinny I have is... Paul." She was almost too tired to laugh but it struck her funny. Glad I cheered her up just a bit.

On Saturdays I'm often reminded of a wonderful children's book I read when I was a kid, and actually found and ordered just a couple of years ago fro, I believe: The Saturdays. A family of 4 or 5 kids took turns pooling their money for each one of them to do a special thing on their Saturday. I haven't re-read it, only enough to remember the premise of the story. I loved it back then...

The book I'm reading now is The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society. It's letters (a novel) written by residents of Guernsey, Channel Islands, just after WWII, to Juliet Ashton, an author needing a topic for her next book. Written by Mary Ann Shaffer and Annie Barrows.

The movie Secret Life of Bees will be out about the time we go on vacation. It was a wonderful book by Sue Monk Kidd. Hope the movie is anywhere near as good as the book.

Amy text-messaged me yesterday that she'd gotten a really excellent compliment from her supervisor and that he in turn had told the manager of RCFH. I'm so glad it got passed on and noted on her behalf! She really needed the boost. She works so hard and is dedicated to what she does. (Thanks for praying friends and blessings!)

Paul has made his choice for Police Chief, to be announced Monday. We wish him and his family the best, coming into the new position. We also are happy for Mike and Donna and their future together.

Paul and I were talking about Thanksgiving and where to go - Iuka, Columbus, Aunt Ginny's, Sher's, what Amy wants to do, her time off. He thought we should probably go to AG's this year, which is what I thought and had told Sher we'd probably do when we talked about it. We've been to her house the last two TG's. Maybe we could go on to her house this year the Friday after, a reverse of what we did last year. Then I said, and this is the first time in this whole one year, one month and 4 days, I've done this, I said, "Well, Sher could just come to Mama's." If only.

The pretty mum centerpiece from the WELL meeting Thursday night. Each attendee got to take one home. Love the color. I've planted these before with no success. I'll try again with this one. Kayla Hudson, around the block from us, always has pretty white ones that grow in front of her house.

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