Friday, October 31, 2008


I read Paul's blog and had completely forgotten about the fall festival at church this year! It's true - we do leave the house and don't do the trick 'r treat in our neighborhood for reasons I'll mention later, but we've always donated candy to church for the kiddoes there. I knew there was a call for candy earlier and what with vacation and then a busy week with meetings, I just forgot. Last year Paul went to church for the festivities. He said I had another obligation that night, and now I don't even remember what it was. But that was a whole year ago.

We used to stock up and greet the little goblins at our door, but then there began to be so many we would run out of goodies within 30 to 40 minutes, people would bring tiny babies not even big enough for any kind of costume, and then there were huge trick 'r treaters with huge bags; so we quit doing the home thing and started taking the bags of candy to church for the booths there. We always enjoyed it when Amy was little, but then things began to change. Maybe it's different now, but we aren't there to see.

But tonight I hope to see Emmy, Sol and maybe Julia in their costumes, and we'll take them treats at Neall and Becca's when we go for just a short visit. Meantime, here is Emmy's "day" costume. I thinks she plans to be a chicken tonight! This poodle will be hard to top, though! (Tara sent me this picture of her today. Isn't she just a little peach?)

At our meeting in Moro this morning, Ruby dressed in the traditional orange and black and had on Halloween socks. And that reminded me - I have Halloween socks! What am I thinking these days? Just too much on my mind for frivolity I guess. Teri used to get all of us the holiday-at-hand socks and I know I have the ones she gave me years ago for Halloween.

I just need to remember to get out my silly socks...

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