Thursday, October 30, 2008

St. Paul

There is St. Paul in the Bible, as you well know. He was the greatest missionary of the gospel of Jesus Christ who ever lived and wrote many of the books of the New Testament. He was a human being as well and called himself the chief among sinners. But he stayed the course and we are all the better for it, for his teachings, and for his dedication to His Lord.

There is another "St. Paul" and I am blessed to live with him. My Paul recently did a "secret act" of blessing to another that I was totally surprised to learn this morning. Suffice it to say he did this for no recognition and he performed it out of pure love for the other person, an act of grace. No, he is not perfect - he sleeps with the noisy radio on, he flips channels on TV with the remote, he doesn't cook (but doesn't mind going out to eat often!), he takes forever sometimes to make decisions (but wisely so as I am prone to acting on impulse). He is pretty easy to live with. He is gracious and kind.

The recipient of the act of kindness was totally surprised and as I said, I knew nothing about it until the other person did. I'm sure there are so many other things he does for people that he never mentions. His kindnesses just show in his thoughtful manner, his dedication to God, his family and his work. He attempts to do the best for all concerned in a situation, not only at home, but in his work capacity as mayor of Wynne.

If this were election year for his office, I probably would not be writing this because I wouldn't want anyone to think I'd written it just for an endorsement :-), although I would be proud to endorse him! (Those who know us probably would know better than that anyway.) But I can assure you that it is the truth, election year or not! He is the same person at home and at work. You can be sure he is doing his best for the City of Wynne. He is most certainly doing his best for his home and family.

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