Saturday, November 01, 2008

Another Month Already

We saw the Jackson family yesterday evening and Sol was dressed up like Pluto (Disney); here he is sans costume face/head. It was just too much for him at the time. Neall and Becca were Micky and Minnie Mouse and cute as could be. Unfortunately, this is the only picture I got at the time - just Sol. My remaining battery went kaputz!

We missed seeing Tara and Emmy by a little, but she will have pictures on her blog, I'm sure.

Paul and I went to Jonesboro and ate at Chili's, then to get Oscar some dog food at Petco, and back to Barnes and Noble at the Mall at Turtle Creek (the Mall). I can do some major damage when I'm in a bookstore. Stampington had more of their specialty books out. If you don't know about these, they're very wonderful and there are different books for various interests in art. They're in the magazine/periodical section of most major bookstores. I'm always inspired but I don't always have the time to pursue the ideas. They're fun to read and see how other people's imaginations can trigger your own.

This morning I took Oscar to the veterinarian's and had his nails clipped. They did put a muzzle on him, which is always a good thing when dealing with his toes, and especially people he's not familiar with. But they took him to another room and did the work, away from me - he always acts better if I'm not around. (Don't parents usually say that about their kids?)

Hay's had everything in the store marked down 20% prior to their move to the new store in the old Wal-Mart building. The shelves were becoming more and more bare. I got quite a few things I can freeze, and that presented another job to tackle - cleaning the freezer. I got the refrigerator freezer cleaned out, but not our old chest-type one.

I went to vote just at noontime and they had 50 in the first hour today, Peggy said. So far in early voting, they'd had 3300!

On the way home I decided to stop at Cordial Cottage to see their Christmas decorations. Beautiful. (If you haven't been, you need to! It's a Christmas Wonderland with 56 trees decorated in themes (snowmen, crosses, John Deere, ballerinas) and all one color. Some are upside down, which are pretty and the wide "base" is at the top, saving floor space. I asked Darrell if I could make a few pictures, and he graciously allowed me to. So much hard work they put into these arrangements! I bought ornaments for our Sunday School class party and for the WECC girls' party. Andrea Wood was at the Cottage and we both liked the very same ornament we wish we could have with whatever neat game Stephanie comes up with! I told her I'd mark the bottom of my bag for her so she could be sure to get the one she likes!
There were yard sales all around our circle today and some people were cutting down the dead tree in Dorothy's yard, so it was a busy neighborhood today. Lunch time I heated some soup from the freezer and sat on the patio; Oscar ran around the yard and rolled in the pine needles. The little lone pink begonia has steadily bloomed all summer long without much attention.

I went to Wal-Mart also for what I hope is this month's supplies! I try not to go too often. After getting everything put away from all the shopping, I remembered Oscar had to have a bath, so I did that and clipped his chinny-chin-chin whiskers and around his eyes. He loves to be told he's such a pretty boy and sits so still for me to do this. I think he really knows he's cute.

Then... I made muffins for tomorrow's Global Impact Sunday School brunch. Talked to Amy (very busy today), and Sher (yard work and stayed home all day).

I talked to Paul a couple of times - Kentucky beat MS State 14-13. The crowd was slim and he got out and on the highway very quickly. Said he'd be home around 10:00 tonight. I'm glad for the time change tonight, too.

"Bourne Identity" is on TV in the other room and I'm just putzing and waiting for Paul to get home. Oscar has already gone to bed. I don't think he knows about Daylight Saving Time.

Today is 14 months since Mama died. A week from tomorrow will be Teri's birthday. She would have been 63. Last week I dreamed about both of them on different nights.

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