Saturday, September 27, 2008

Saturday Update

Up a little after 7:00. Gave Oscar a bath, anticipating haircut later in the day. Went to Wal-Mart - always a pleasure especially since now I'm fortunate to get out spending $150 instead of $100). I really try not to go but once or twice a month. Bought gas there at Murphy's: $3.69 I think. I try to keep a full tank, keeps the shock lower. Came home and put all that away and went to the grocery story. It was 1:30 by then and I had to have a nap. At 3:00 I woke up and Oscar and I went to the patio for his clipping. He's very good, and it went well. That took an hour and a half. (Next time, I'm getting Cheryl to do it at Classy Pooch. It will be too cool for the patio, and I was so tired when we got through, what with bending over, and holding him in my lap for the underbelly grooming, the legs, the tail...) I cleaned all that up, oiled the clippers, took off my clothes that looked as if they'd grown hair, took another shower. Then I made Paul and me taco salads. The other two shell pastries I brushed with butter and sprinkled with cinamon and sugar.

I got real pictures printed at Wal-Mart, of the Girls' Trip to Iuka. Nothing like having paper pictures in hand, though I do enjoy putting them here, too.

I checked on a reel-in clothesline at Caldwell Lumber and they didn't have one. Wal-Mart had a 9-foot one in a plastic housing. It was too short. I wanted a 16' or 34'. When I went in Caldwell's, there in front of me were some of the most beautiful and lovely sounding wind chimes I've ever heard! I mean these are serious wind chimes. I made a note of the name of them, but of course I don't remember now. They were not priced on the stickers, and I started to ask, but didn't. But these will have to have further consideration. The pipes on some of them were about 3 1/2 or 4 feet long - so they'd have to be hung from a tree or under a roof overhang!

Polly Fisher came by with a retired teachers' booklet for Paul and Oscar nearly tore the back door off - I know by his behavior and barking if someone is actually there - and I apologized for his behavior. Actually, he was a little better, because I've stopped picking him up and get between him and the visitor, unless he runs out and wants to jump up on the person all friendly. But I warned Polly not to pet him because "he turns on you."

Sher had just called and we talked for a few minutes - she was walking Bailey and was tired herself. This month they had closed the year at the base and she'd had lots of overtime. I evened up Oscar's beard, checked my email (prayer request from Kirk who will be on a 4-day trip), wrote him a short note back. His emails are an encouragement to me.

I started putting clippings and tidbits in the blue album Mama was going to start for me. (She'd gotten Sher an identical one and was going to start each of us an album...) So far I have a picture of Mama at age 20, a calendar page from September 1, 2008, clippings from the Vidette (Iuka paper) about the quilt show (it was today), the antique tractor ride, a leaf from Mama's plant that I accidentally broke off, and a brown paper bag that held the last cornmeal I got from Jim two years ago (all nicely wrinkled and good for a vintage-look picture to be printed on it).

I'm pretty sure that after church and Sunday School tomorrow, I will have a nice quiet day at home. I'd thought about driving to Jonesboro to just browse around the bookstore, but I found four books on Amazon I'd like to read, and they will be less expensive if I order them; I will save gallons of gas; I will have two hours' driving time to do something else; and I can nap.

Auburn beat Tennessee today 14-12. I know Brother Matt will be happy about that. Arkansas got beat (10) by Texas (52); a lot of people very unhappy about that! Ole Miss beat Florida 31-30. Mississippi State (3), Louisiana State (10) when I was writing this. Paul's watching that one closely.

And a legendary actor died today at age 83 - Paul Newman. I had not seen near all of his movies, but my favorite ones were "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid," "The Sting," and "Cool Hand Luke." Never blues eyes like that again...

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