Monday, September 29, 2008

On Butterfly Wings

Not one of the better Mondays. My book tape stalled this morning (Secret Life of Bees), I felt old more than once (someone kindly held a door open for me while saying, "Here let me. I'm younger than you are.") Okay, so I took it badly. Sorry, dear person. Payroll didn't balance and I was in the throes of frustration - numbers do that to me. Sorry, other dear person.

I took the book tape back to the library this evening and reported the damaged tape, found a juvenile book by Richard Peck that looked promising (Here Lies the Librarian), picked up the monthly Book Page book review magazine and admired the huge lantana bush in front of the library. I got my camera from the truck and took three hurried pictures. Even though I didn't take a lot of time framing or focusing, they were sharp and clear.

And just as I was using my macro lens on one of the flowers, this little winged creature "just happened" to come by and posed perfectly. Just goes to show. Even though I felt and acted pretty yuck today, God has a way of bestowing grace. Today it was on butterfly wings. (I think it was a moth, but still...)

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