Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Birthday Lineup and Wisdom

We helped Ron celebrate his 50th birthday yesterday with the usual - black crepe paper, black balloons, denture bond, Bengay, walking cane, but also some cute and useful things like the Razorback pen that plays the fight song and calls the Hogs! We wore black in his honor. Ron's at the very back, the tallest in the picture. He certainly doesn't look 50!

Today I got a surprise! I felt like it was my birthday - Billy brought in a 19" monitor for my computer! It's like I got new glasses! It's so much bigger than my old one (which was about 14 or 15") and brighter. Everything looks sharper, brighter, bigger - everything is! It'll sure be a huge help to my eyes and not having to bend over and strain my neck and shoulders so much to see. I had thought I'd get one next year, but this was truly a great surprise. Now if I only get my raise, too...

Bren's husband Jim had cataract surgery today and everything went wonderful! They'll do his other eye next Tuesday. And he can drive after 24 hours, which will be around 2:00 Wednesday afternoon. I've been concerned for him and also since Dr. Mitchell said it was the cataract on my right eye that was bothering my vision and not so much that my lenses needed changed. I was glad to hear he had such a good experience with the whole surgery and can see so much better.

Today's Journey Scripture was from Job 12:12: "Wisdom is found with the elderly, and understanding comes with long life." (It seems there have been several references to aging lately; i. e. yesterday's encounter.) The wisdom, of course, comes from God, who grants it to those of us who welcome it, and the older I get it seems the more lessons I need!

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memawfromarkansas said...

We are not getting older, we are getting BETTER!! Remember!!! You are loved!! Hugs to you dear friend!!