Tuesday, August 26, 2008

We'll All Be There

We all plan to be in Tupelo Sunday, including Benjamin, Morgan, Amy. Sher said she would call ahead to Olive Garden in case we need reservations. There will be 9 of us.

Last night when I couldn't sleep (for this blipping heart rhythm) I thought, okay, we'll have to leave at 8:00 to pick Amy up at 9:30, then to Tupelo from Memphis is about 2 hours, so that should be plenty of time, gives us a little wiggle room. Mike said they can drive it in an hour (I never could). Sher is about an hour away.

The Blipping Rhythm

Several years ago I had an RF ablation because of a electrical miscircuitry in my heart, because I had nearly fainted one day driving! So I had this procedure done. It really didn't work. It just seemed to change the rhythm and I still had to take medicine for it. I've taken this for about 4 maybe 5 years now and it's helped so much that I have never wanted to see if another RFA would do any more good. But suddenly the irregularity has returned. I have little "flip" feelings all the time - skipped beats, like a butterfly in my chest which also often takes my breath away. But these are very similar to what I was having when I began taking atenolol. Three beats and a skip, or seven beats and a skip. (There's a name for it, but I don't remember it.) It's very annoying and tiring when it gets really out of whack. So this has been going on about a week and by now it should have gotten back into its regular irregularity. But it hasn't. It comes and goes, but seems to be worse at the end of the day. So - I was just at Stern Clinic about 6 weeks ago for a routine check-up; I may just call and see what to do, or see local doctor, who started me on this med in the first place. I really don't want to have another RFA. But, you do what you have to.

And it could be s t r e s s! Imagine that.

Night-time Activities When I Can't Sleep

I got my old, old Bible out and read through several things I'd highlighted and underlined in the past. That was a comfort. I love to feel the pages, read the dates and the names I've written in the margins, feel the worn cover; recall how God has answered prayers and how I'm still praying some of the same ones, but know that He is faithful to hear. There were many penciled in for Mama and Amy.

I read more of The Story of Edgar Sawtelle which is a really good book. The type of writing reminds me of how I felt when I read Angle of Repose several years ago. The language just seeps into you. I have paced myself, not wanting it to end. It's a book about a boy and his dogs and a lot of other things that'll break your heart, but also tells about love, truth, and trust.

Finally, at 4:00 (having woken at 1:12), after a Tylenol or two, I went back to sleep and woke this morning with Oscar curled against my back.

Good Shopper

Paul was able to have someone local find the driver-side half of the Camaro T-top, which was shattered, for about a third of the cost of one he found online. He found it at a salvage yard and he'll also change the lock on the top for him. I know he was relieved!

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