Sunday, August 24, 2008

Washed Its Last Load

Our ancient Kenmore dishwasher washed its last load last night. It's given indications before that it wasn't far from draining its last, but it didn't even do that last night. I unloaded everything after church and rewashed it, not knowing just how efficient it was on its final wash. Water was still standing in the bottom and there was liquid detergent still lining the cup. It must be at least 25 years old, probably more. It's the second one we have had, the first being a lovely portable model that rolled around and hooked up by a hose to the faucet. But it got the job done, and its cabinet is still in the garage and I used it sometimes for Oscar's grooming platform.

I told Paul I wanted to pick out our new one and then I didn't give it another thought. After dinner I just washed everything that was half-washed along with our dinner dishes. Later in the afternoon, he said, "We can go to Sears and look at dishwashers." I wasn't even thinking of it being open today, so we went and Sharon Countz helped us with one. There isn't a whole lot of difference in the models - some have all the bells and whistles, which we would never use: for china, crystal, pre-wash, and something about the draining. When ours gets full, we wash - all one setting. There were some with really pretty stainless steel interiors, but I suppose that's not necessary, and they were about $200 more - ours has never given us much problem except a rust stain occasionally. Nothing has ever punctured the lining or rusted through. The main thing I wanted was a white quiet one. Our old one sounded like it was grinding metal, especially in later years. And everything else in our kitchen, except the fridge, is white. (Almond is a rare color any more, sort of like the green of the 70's.) We got a GE, the second non-Kenmore ever, the other being our 34-year old GE stove. The GE wasn't the least expensive, nor the most; it had some features we probably won't use. But it'll be very quiet.

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