Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Aunties

Last year Brenda's daughter-in-law's aunts moved to Iuka and are living in Brenda's aunt's home. (Her Aunt Jewel died two years ago? and son David refurbished the house for The Aunties Gen and Sue to live in.) They were delighted to take care of Cindy and David's third son, who is two today.

Bren emailed me early this morning:

This am at 2, David called us to ask if we could come stay with boys; Aunt Sue had called, Aunt Gen was in floor; so Jim (Bren's husband) went to David's and I went to the aunties to see if I could help - and when I got there, the coroner got out behind me; she died instantly of CHF!! The ambulance crew was so good to us - course they are our co-workers and knew us - and so I've been up since 2; am at work, will get done what I have to and plan to go home by ten.

It's just so like Gen to do this; she loved to "argue with" David and he kept her going; she got down in the floor and played with Alex and did just what he wanted her to do, just like Sue does too.

Gen was 74 and Sue is nearing 70. It is actually a blessing that she could go like that and not have to lay and suffer but it is such a shock; she made and sent me some fried apple pies (from our apple tree) at 7:30 last night - the pies are still sitting on our table and I noticed there was a stack on their table too; the little skillet that she used was washed and in the drainer; all the other supper dishes too, where she had cooked supper, cornbread still on the table, etc.

These sisters were so close and now Sue will be left and I hope she'll be able and want to take care of Alex, which will probably be good for her, if she can. I know this is such a shock. I think I had met them once, but I'm not sure. It would have been two years ago at cookout/birthday party at Bren and Jim's. But nevertheless, I felt as if I knew them. Bren keeps me informed about family happenings, so I feel like they are part of mine. I had two great aunts who were sisters, never married, and lived together most all of their lives. When one (Clara) died, the other just moved up the road a bit to another widowed sister's home and lived with her. In fact Arie lived in Mollie's house after Mollie died, too.

So much history, connection and family ties - even if they are not with us, they always will be.

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