Saturday, August 23, 2008

Busy Day

It didn't start off so busy. After I let Oscar out, I went back to bed and was going to sleep only another hour or so and then it was two hours! I had 30 minutes to get ready to go to Kerri's shower at church, but I made it and arrived around 10:18. It was a nice shower, lots of relatives, friends, hostesses and I was glad I did go. The wedding date is September 27. I remember when her dad Brooks dressed like Santa one year for her and then came to our house and surprised Amy, who is what, four or five years older than Kerri. Paul and Kathy taught co-op together for several years, and they've always been a special family to us.

I called Mike and Steve about going to Tupelo and Mike for said that was fine, just let him know where and what time. Steve will let me know, but I feel like he will; it isn't that he doesn't want to; it just takes him longer to get himself ready! Sher worked some overtime today and when I called her it was pouring down rain, she had left her umbrella in the car and she had a paper jam. I think she was going home to nap after she got off.

After my running-around chores, and some household chores - dusting, vacuuming (and later - mopping) - I took a nap, too. Tina will be back September 2 and I'll be glad. Vacuuming around all my "stuff" and dusting, I realize how much I value her and what she does for me! I'm glad to have her and it frees my time up on the weekend to rest, catch up on laundry, and rest. Oh, I already said that. I like naps.

Creature Feature

Some of the wild animals in our back yard this humid day. The little mushroom thingies are so tiny! Probably half as large as your little finger nail. I used the macro setting for those. This first one is just a shot of the pine tree bark, straight on. See how tiny the fungus is? The little round things. (This reminds me of an aerial shot of a mountain range with trees. I suppose the white dots could be parachuters.)

The bee below was either a large honeybee or a small bumblebee.

Catching some rays on the redbud stump.

This guy seems to be saying, "Whut're you lookin' at?

You usually think of a rock hitting a windshield, popping up off the highway. Paul was driving down Falls this morning, heard a pop and then weird crackling and discovered that something evidently had hit one side of the sunroof on the Camaro! It is shattered all over only on one side, with the "hit" crater near the front. He looked on internet to see about replacement and this piece of glass costs over $600! Not counting shipping. Or installation.

And of course, Oscar is always looking for a treat. Look at those back legs! The floor is slick and his legs just slide out. I hope he doesn't have arthritis later...

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