Friday, August 22, 2008

Memorial Trip for Mama

I had mentioned to Sher a week or so ago about going to Sanctuary Hospice House in Tupelo on the one-year anniversary of Mama's being there and her dying on September 1. This week SHH sent their newsletter and a booklet about the one-year anniversary of a loved one's death - they are so good to remember families in this way and the literature they send is always timely and helpful. I sent copies to Sher, Mike, Steve as usual and notes about the possibility of going on Labor Day weekend or September 1, which is the day. Sher called this morning and said she'd really like to do that, on Sunday the 31st. I'll get in touch with the boys and see if they want to meet us there. We can have lunch together, possibly at the Mexican restaurant across from the hospital, but then again, it may be too near, too soon. Going to SHH will be emotional enough. Last fall when Paul and I went to Sher's for Thanksgiving, just driving past the exit for the hospital was heart-wrenching. We had made that exit so many times and stayed at that hospital so many nights. The important thing, though, is to honor her memory on this anniversary, and try to all be together. I'll let Amy know, too. I know this is her weekend to work, so next weekend she would be off if she wants to go also; we could pick her up on the way.

I can hardly believe it's been a year. I think it's very important to do this. It will help us gather all those thoughts and memories together and helping each other through this one day that is already upon us.

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