Friday, August 01, 2008

I Made It!

In more ways than one, I made it!

Barring anything unusual with Beck's x-rays today, she should be released to return to work Monday. I've already hauled all my stuff back around to my office. I had no idea I had accumulated so much stuff in just under 3 months' time - and now I'll have to reorganize that "space." (My HGTV unfavorite word - it's a room, an office. Space is outdoors, or the galaxy, to me anyway...) I straightened up and dusted her office and it's all ready for her to get back! I sure have missed her, but it has been a challenge to me and thankfully I believe I still had the energy and determination to do as good a job as possible. Some days weren't easy, but the time went by really quickly, and here it is - August.
And I made Sher's birthday card. This year is one of those 5's - she's well, one of those 5's, Melanie's 35, Jordan's 25, and Nate will be 5! This is her first birthday without Mama to wish her Happy Birthday, call her, wonder what to get her for her special day, send her a card, although - she kinda did send one, because I have cards Mama bought and there are unused birthday cards Mama either bought and forgot or was saving to send to the next one with a birthday. I sent Sher one of those saved ones from Mama. And I made her a card. which I like doing. I looked at Wal-Mart the other night for just the right card, and none of them said what I wanted to say this year. So I made my own for her. She should get it on her day - Monday.
Happy Birthday, Sher!

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Joy Shepherd said...

Hi Mrs. Pat!
I LOVE the card that you made!! How did you do that? Maybe you could start a new cardmaking/event photography business!!