Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Getting Registered

We are almost to the wire on these Personal Wellness Profiles online... We're less than a dozen away from our 80%!

Yesterday and today some of the guys have come into the office - I think they had to have their arms twisted to get out of the heat. When they come inside, they are drenched, and I know the cool air feels so good. But they are young, strong and relatively used to it, while I am old, not too strong and very not used to it. So they have been coming in so they can register online to complete their PWP for our wellness program. The last two who tried, I had to call for technical support, and Mary S at CBA was very helpful as always. I should get an email within 3 days for those for whom we had to manually register. Then the guys get to come back inside and actually complete the profile. Some have been able to register without the wait, some have been online already and had no problems doing this task.

I'm glad they're participating, and at the very least, they get to be in a drawing for the gift cards: $100, $50, and $25. And at most, they will be able to determine how they can improve lifestyle habits, diet and exercise. This survey has a health-age also, which lets you know your "real" age, compared to your chronological age. One they get registered, they can have access to more personal information like pension plan accounts, medical claims, health tips, PPO directories.

Speaking of which - I wonder when the representative from St. B's will be back to collect the paper wellness profiles? There is a drawing for that, too. If there is money or food involved, those are always good incentives.

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