Monday, August 04, 2008

Dog in Training

Friday at Petco I got a bottle of spray that's supposed to help housebreak dogs. Well, Oscar is housebroken, but we are trying to yardbreak him. I sprayed and sprayed and sprayed well away from the house thinking he would take the hint and the scent and just immediately know what to do. I guess he did - for a dog. He started to rub his neck where I'd sprayed! But - he did go to his favorite corner of the yard where he can see the street in front of the house and proceed to do his business. Of course, I still clean up just like we were out in the neighborhood. And he gets Beggin' Bits for rewards. It sure helps us when he does this. We don't have to walk in the heat, nor does he. I know his paws and the rest of him, much nearer the ground that we are, get so hot! He gets as much exercise as he wants/needs - every time the back door is open he's outside with us, and in, and out... Just like a kid. He's a pretty sharp little fellow, so hopefully he will begin to know this is the new routine. I want to walk still - it's good for both of us - but not when the heat index is over 100!

And Bitty...

I know I take for granted that she's around and she's so touchy, so I hardly ever brush her. Poor ragged thing - she shed just awful this year. I think it gets worse every summer. But the bunches of knots of gnarled-up hair on her underside were just past ignoring. I know they're going to be there and I just put off dealing with them. But tonight was the night. I held her on my lap on her back, while Paul held her by the scruff of the neck, immobilizing her, and I carefully snipped off a handful of matted fur. I think she knows I'm helping because she at least doesn't try to fight - she hisses and squirms a bit, but is pretty good through the ordeal. Now she needs to be brushed, but that'll be for another night. Sorry, Bit. My fault. I always say I'll do better. She's such a pretty thing in the winter - thick and fluffy fur. But summer is her Really Bad Hair Day. Season.

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