Monday, August 18, 2008

First Day of School

Nate's birthday was yesterday, August 17, and he is five already! I can hardly believe he's five. It seems like no time since Sher lived in San Antonio and she called me all excited, undecided about whether she'd have time to drive to Pensacola. She decided to fly after all, but then there would have been plenty of time to drive. Melanie sent this picture of Nate this morning, so proud and happy to see her sweet little son off to his first day of kindergarten, and I'm sure a little sad, too; or much sad. I tried to get the picture larger, but this is it without making it too digital-looking. He's proud of the "big boy" backpack! Melanie's such a good, sweet mother.

The sun has changed, too, I noticed this morning, coinciding with the change in pace of the world outside, coming in across the dining table in the morning, right into my eyes. I sit there and eat whatever it is I have for breakfast - toast and strawberry preserves, cereal, coffee - and Oscar has his Cheerios nearby. I'm sure the windows need washed, but thankfully you can't see that for the bright sun!
When I got home this evening, the street was full of boys on bicycles! I haven't seen many kids this summer in our neighborhood - the heat has kept them inside I'm sure, and they've been off visiting grandparents or at camp. But tonight there were about half a dozen on bikes and one skateboard.
We have a ladies' Bible study starting the 27th at 6:00 at church, so if anyone's interested, come on in! It's a Beth Moore-written study on the Psalms of Ascent (Psalms 120-134), which I had never heard labeled as such before. But it's about the different Feasts, I think, in the Old Testament. It will be a 6-week study, according to the workbook description. All her studies are excellent. I took information to some in our neighborhood, as well as AWANA information.

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