Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Today I Needed Mama's Quilt

As we were leaving Ameca after lunch, it poured down rain - and a wonderful sight it was! Wesley, ever the gentleman, went for my truck, which I had driven us in, and picked us up near the curb. After we got back to the office, it was fiercely raining and the wind blew hard enough to shake the roof, like you would imagine someone shaking a rug out, rippling and flapping. The temperature dropped and it was still fairly decent at 5:00. The sun had reappeared but it wasn't as muggy as I might have thought with that much rain. I suppose the wind blew away the humidity.

Sitting in my (Beck's) office, listening to the rain, full of chimichanga and chips, I so wished to be home with a good book, and more than that, just to lie down under Mama's soft blue and white "Hunter's Star" quilt she made for me twenty years ago.

Beck came by the office to pick up some copies and pictures I'd printed for her from Art, of Justine and her cousins. She will have another doctor's visit this Friday and will know whether she will return to work in a week or two. I'm glad she's better and out of pain. I'm glad I had the experience of working in her office and trying to keep up with my work, too. I'm glad to know I can still accomplish as much as I can! But I Will Be So Glad when she gets back. I miss her, herself, and I miss my office, the day-to-day details of my work and yes, the slower pace. One job divided by two equals a little more breathing space, and I can sure use some of that!

After all settles back down, I am seriously going to talk to Bren more about spending a couple of days there, a long weekend. We keep talking about it - she, Charlotte and I - and it never happens. We just have to do it! We will realize one day I am too old to drive that far! I hope that isn't for a long time, but time is so precious and important. The same is true for me and Sher; me and Amy. Distance can be overcome somewhat, even with help, even if Paul drove me! But time can't be recovered...

I wrap myself in the comfort of sisterhood, friendship and dream about having Mama's quilt around me, too. A blue and white quilt to remind me of quieter, slower days and time just being. How much time do I actually take to be? I'm always on the clock (unless like a couple of weeks ago, just sick with a cold and refused to push myself). Always some clock's schedule to keep.
Quilts - our Mama's quilts - have a way of slowing time down just a little bit.

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