Friday, July 11, 2008

Help From My Friends

Today Beck went back for a post-surgery check-up. Dr. Engelberg, who also did Paul's back surgery several years ago, is her doctor, and he told her these things take time and patience. She's mending very well, and the new bone is knitting around the plate in her neck. She has to go back for an MRI the first of August. So - that means she won't be coming back to work on July 21 or 28, or even maybe August. I'm not shocked, but disappointed. I miss her!

Just disappointed that I'll still be doing two jobs for a while. But. As I have said before, it's been good to be so busy the days go by fast, and it's nice seeing as many people as I do. I have done both our jobs for two months and I keep on keeping on.

But it's okay. I have help from my friends. Norma's always willing to help with payroll things and spreadsheets; Glenn will help with the wellness seminars yet to do this year (through the safety meetings); Carolyn always has time for me to hide in her office and sit in her chair in the corner for a few minutes' respite. Going to lunch together is nice - just getting away from the building, the icy air conditioner and the phone ringing. And I can always call Sher and yell, "Hep me, hep me!," and we end up laughing. Billy has been patient and helpful (though it does help an awful lot that I had done and am familiar with this job really since before he was born! He's told me several times he appreciates my help, so maybe I've made it somewhat easier since I'm one of the Dinosaurs there and know kinda what's what). Bren is just a few key-strokes away by email, sending encouragement. Paul is patient with me when I come home exhausted and just want to have peanut butter sandwiches or leftover pizza for supper. Oscar is always glad to see me.

Today when I went to work, I imagined Jesus's hands right over mine, keying in, dialing the phone, His patience in my voice. (I confess I wasn't thinking about His hands or patience when the mail jammed about six times when I was running it through the machine...) But it was a better day, not to mention it was Friday. And I had lots of help from my friends.

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