Monday, July 28, 2008

My Final "Administrative Assistant" Week... and an Update

I had lunch with Beck today and fortunately our boss and his family were at Ameca, too, and he picked up our ticket. Hopefully she'll be back to work next Monday, but since Billy will be at a meeting next week, she'll have a couple of days to get settled back into her work without a lot of interruption. I hope I haven't created too much havoc back here in her office! Beck looked really good and rested and her major concern at this point is just getting up and getting ready to come to work every day! I can imagine after almost 3 months!

The ones whom Kirk had their email addresses received a two-page update this morning from the Eastern Mts. He mentioned a blog, so if possible I'll put a link to it at the bottom of mine for anyone who wants to read it. I don't know the site yet. It was very interesting reading about, among many other things, a house he stayed in with no windows and his bed "nestled above 30 hogs" except now only 29, since they killed and ate one of them. The uplifting "kneemails" has really blessed him and it is a testimony to God's faithfulness in all sorts of circumstances. I think it's a really exciting time for him and being able to follow along even by email is a blessing to me. We can't forward his emails, but can email him direct and also be added to his list for updates. Forwarding compromises security.

Our church had a reception for Matt and Lindsey A. who will be leaving Saturday on a 5-month mission trip. (I'm not sure how much we can say about where, etc., so I'll leave it at that. The location of so many places now can't be revealed because of security.) Anyway, I'm proud of our young people and their dedication. We have had so many from our church go on long- and short-term trips. At 60, this is why my one-evening's work at a Block Party seems so small. But who knows how God can use us if we are willing?

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