Saturday, July 26, 2008

Such Hot Weather

Hot, humid, temperature high and heat index was 107 I know on Monday. Today is a little overcast, but very muggy.

By 11:00 this morning, I had watered the plants, gone to the grocery store, taken Oscar to the vet to get his toenails clipped (I get really nervous doing this, afraid I'll cut in the quick), washed two loads of clothes, changed the dishwasher, cleaned the bathtub faucets (requires removing the handle things with a Philips screwdriver), downloaded the BidDefender upgrade (it was going to expire in one day and I'm glad there was a pop-up reminder) and had scrambled eggs and bacon for lunch.

Thursday evening Paul and went to the Block Party at the City Park near downtown and just across the street from where we used to live on Cottonwood. Debbie Heath and I walked several blocks, inviting kids or anyone really, whom we saw, to the party. Other workers said it was the highest attended so far. It had rained earlier in the evening and cooled things off considerably, and there was even a nice cool breeze all during this event. Paul helped at the bouncing houses to be sure the kids took their turns orderly. At the end of their jumping time, they all received pieces of hard candy. There were lots of kids and adults and I hope there are many who will be able to visit or attend church - ours or another, but more importantly accept Christ as Saviour if they had not already. The entire emphasis this week was on outreach to Wynne, and it is hard work. (Would I be as dedicated to go to a foreign country for a week or ten days?) There were many who worked every night, and I'm sure some who worked all day every day. It makes me "feel" as if I don't do near enough, and that's not the point - feeling or doing. It's simply accepting Jesus. But it has also made me so aware of how little I do and how I love my comfort zone. It makes me think. And pray. So it was not only an outreach to lost people, but made me think more aware of how seriously I must take my Christianity.

Paul went to visit his mother yesterday (a day trip). He said he called her when he got to her carport! Hilarious! But that's the only way he could prevent her trying to cook his dinner. She will be 90 in October and is very frail, but still able to be at home alone. The very least notice we can give her we are coming, the better. Once when we told her, she thought she had to dust the living room, and fell, sustaining a huge bruise on her hip that was there for several weeks. But she is doing well, and she did have her air conditioner on. The last time I asked her, she said she had not needed it. The last time I asked was about two weeks ago! Aunt Ginny is doing well. Diane (my second cousin whom AG is really close to) had fallen and broken her arm, hit her head. Diane's husband Harold is staying with her all the time. I can't imagine it will be that long before she will need to have around the clock nursing, or go to a nursing home.

Wear your sunglasses! Salinda's husband Richard had a skin cancer taken off his eye this past week! He's doing well, and Jennifer said he's back at work. I had never heard of it on someone's eye.

Bren's back from vacation and I have only one more week filling in for Beck. But these last weeks, since May 12, have gone by faster than I would have imagined!

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