Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A Mouse in a Maze

When it comes to computers, I just do what "they" tell me. Saturday I had a reminder on my PC that my spyware was going to expire in two days, so I renewed it. Only I think I bought something else. Anyway, it blocked internet connection until the nice lady "Divine" at ATT helped me get connected again.

So of course there is no phone number to call the spyware company and I write a totally senseless detailed email to them with two phone number and days and times they can call me. (Right...) In the meantime, I just hope only the thing I unblocked is no more than is needed and doesn't allow in all the monsters and ghouls from cyberspace. But. There is the Friendly Anyway Computer Company which I totally rely on when it is out of my realm of understanding or following technical instructions over a phone stuck under my chin.

I know nothing about the innards of a computer, only that things I buy to protect it are supposed to work and sometimes they work too well it seems.

I did get my Zappos return label printed.

Paul has had his share of challenges with cemetery plots lately. Two graves that were mismarked occurred back in the early 1960s. So it wasn't him or Teri who didn't mark it or write it down correctly. (But no one is perfect...) He always goes and physically looks at the space the family member wants or the vicinity they want before he tells them it is available. There have been people buried who are not written down in the log book; so on paper, there is a place available, but in reality, someone is already there. It's such a high-paying job, too, cemetery manager... But it has its rewards.

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