Saturday, July 12, 2008

A Marbley Day

I decided to give Oscar a haircut today and it went faster than I expected, not having done this for about a year. The first time I clipped him, I was afraid I'd ruin him, but as Paul said, "It'll grow out." So I just clipped and snipped as best I could and by the end had most of his hair on me! Dog Spa began with a bath then we were on the patio and there was a cool breeze, so it wasn't too bad. He is always very good getting a haircut - he loves to be petted, handled and the center of attention, so he was definitely in Doggie Paradise today.

Paul set out all the daylily bulbs that Byron brought me and others at work. The back yard should be full of color next year if they do well. Some are not in full sun, but in shade they just aren't as tall, I think. There were a lot to put out but they didn't have to be planted deep - only about 3-4", Byron said.
All the yellow ones are turned one way and they don't grow as tall as the others, which are various colors. Now I'm not sure if they are all mixed together - Paul sort of got them mixed up, I think. It's okay - as long as they come up - they'll be beautiful in all their assorted arrangements!

I baby this plant and often remember Mama asking me, "Did you water the one in the bedroom?" I had forgotten it when I watered plants at her house and after that, after she asked me, I didn't forget again. I brought it home with me and have repotted it twice and put plant food spikes in it.

Isn't it amazing that tomatoes start out like this, such tiny blooms?

Other nice things about today: I talked to Amy early this morning, had a large cherry limeade from Sonic, on the way home from Wal-Mart; had a nice long nap; started reading a good book - The Memory Keeper's Daughter - and made taco salads for supper. There are four taco "bowls" in the package and we only eat one each. The other two I spread butter on, sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar and bake till brown, crisp and bubbly!

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