Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Wanted: Vacation!

Amy just came by after being in Little Rock this morning to take her exams for her Arkansas funeral director license. She brought me the little doll she made for me, with clothes, and we decided she looks like a Ramona.

Paul went with Amy today; I heard him up around 5:00 I think and then at 6:00 he called and said he was meeting her in Forrest City for the trip on to LR.

I finally called Aunt Ginny yesterday. I've been thinking for days that I needed to - it's been so long since I talked to her. Lynn will learn next week whether their baby is a boy or girl; they are remodeling Velma's (?) house and building onto it; Diane isn't doing well and Harold is emotionally and physically drained; Aunt Ginny bought peaches and put some in the freezer; she went to the Anglin reunion on July 4 and David took her to his pontoon to watch fireworks on the lake with them. She asked me when we were coming home. "When you know you are, call me and I'll make you a cake." Meaning - caramel cake - that wonderful creamy homemade burnt sugar frosting - oh, and the cake within the frosting. But the frosting is the star of the show! We really need to go. Soon.

I'm working on typing a job description, got the August meeting room reservations confirmed, copies of CDL licenses, have payroll changes to make, meetings next week (annual meeting Tuesday night, board meeting just prior to that), credit union check written/report to prepare, memo from the national office about three months' invoices coming all together... Typical day these days...

Maybe tonight I will go and help put out door knob hangers for the Mission Wynne next week. I called Tankie this morning and told her I have to work next Tuesday, the night I was scheduled to help with food service at a block party. She said she had plenty of people and would call me if she needed me.

And now, back to our regularly scheduled program... typing the job description...

Will October be here soon??

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