Saturday, July 05, 2008

I'm thankful for the freedoms we enjoy every day. We take so many for granted. Thankful for the servicemen and women who work so hard to keep our freedom for us to cherish.

We spent yesterday just putzing around. It was humid and had rained some so we went to Wal-Mart and Hay's early to avoid the day's heat as much as possible. Paul got Corky's BBQ from the freezer section at W-M and we had that, slaw and some chocolate chip cookies I'd baked. After naps, we rode around through Highway 284 east and west, through Summersweet, coming out at Colt.

I started cleaning the hall closet out and made good progress there. There was a shoebox full of Amy's little miniature Care Bears, Sesame Street figures, tiny little cars. I also found a three-dimensional diorama-type picture she'd made probably in Bible school or Sunday School. One way you look at it and see SIN and then slant it the other way and you see JESUS. I called her and told her what I'd found and was saving these for her.

And I'm thankful for Jesus Christ who made our ultimate freedom in Him possible.

Sher and I talked for a long time, as is our usual - about nothing generally, but everything generally - walking our dogs, what we cooked for dinner, fireworks on the base and she didn't have to work long hours doing that any more, the scrapbooks Mama left us and that I'd glued the peach picture on the front of mine.

Just after dark we heard fireworks getting started pretty heavily so went out to see if we could see any of them. The Lees down the street were setting some off, and some folks on the north side of our circle. I got a few shots and then the mosquitoes ran me back inside. (I think this is the first I've noticed mosquitoes this year, in fact.)

It's thundering now and Paul has just finished mowing the yard and pulling those blue-flowered vines from the few tomato and pepper plants we have. It looks sort of green outside. And now it is pouring a straight-down wonderful rain that everyone so much needed - thank You, Lord!

Med Update

Flecainide either didn't work, or worked too well. Maybe it was too much. Maybe I'm not used to my heart beating fast when I do any exercise, having taken the Atenolol so long (it's like a "cruise control" on the heart rate, and I may have already discussed that in more detail than anyone cares to know.) Anyway, this morning I decided to go back to the Atenolol. The other was a trial for the cough-effect-reflex and it didn't help. I coughed anyway.


July 2 was Daddy Nick's birthday, 1910. (Below with Amy, Sally the Horse, Easter, 1976)

July 2 was the date Uncle Wendell died, 2004. (With Aunt Ginny, April, 2002)

They were both veterans of WWII.

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