Thursday, July 03, 2008

Allergies, Hearts and Horses

After seeing two doctors in as many days, trying to determine the cause of the constant cough, which annoys me, so I can imagine what it does to everyone else!, it has to be allergies/sensitive esophagus/airway. Dr. Trent assured me that I do not have what Mama had. My lungs are fine.

And after trying different meds for it and using almost a bag of throat lozenges, I've decided to just pretend it doesn't exist. You know - out of sight, out of mind. But I do have a standby RX for Flovent. Not going to use Advair any more - it has something more people seem to have a reaction to.

Paul went with me to see Dr. S. (Memphis) and he did change my anti-arrythmia medicine from Atenolol to see if the one I had been taking might be causing the cough reflex: "I don't think so, but you can try it." This is the second day of taking it (Flecainide) and I had an EKG this afternoon at Wynne Medical, Dr. Bradshaw looked at it, said it looked fine. Within 2 hours, Dr. Arie's assistant had called and said the EKG was good and continue the medicine. That in itself is almost unbelievable - results that quick! I think it's controlling the "skips" better, but hasn't done anything for the cough - yet. My heart is in good shape.

It had been three years since they'd done an echocardiogram, so I had that. Also my cholesterol checked because of the huge difference in March's and May's numbers, and it takes 10 days for that result. I wonder why the wait, when an EKG can be done in one city, faxed to another and have the results in two hours?

So, to the allergies. I just have to pamper the throat and find ways to eliminate allergens which includes food, stress, temperature changes, flowers and plants, chemicals...

I made a picture of a heart model while waiting for Dr. Arie. I didn't have my camera, but then it occurred to me, yes, I do - my cell phone. I could probably more easily just got a picture off clipart out here somewhere on the web, but you know, if you can, just do it.

The Memphis appointment was in Germantown and on the way back we saw several lifesize decorated horses, similar to the cows that San Antonio had several years ago. I managed to get a picture of one as we drove by (I always try to take my camera), and it turned out pretty well. Germantown is known for its horse shows.

We stopped at Border's on Kirby Parkway and I was in there probably 15 minutes at the most, which may be a new record for me in a bookstore. I got Stampington's Life Images and it inspired me to make even more pictures! I was going to get Art Doll for Amy, but they didn't have that particular one.

We took Amy for a quick lunch at Wendy's because she was needed to help with a service at 2:00. They were very busy Tuesday. Paul asked her what she planned to do tomorrow and she said, "Sleep." I may very well do some of that myself. He and I talked about going to Corky's but he said Hay's has it frozen. That would save a lot of gas, time and money.

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