Sunday, July 06, 2008

Clean Up Day

Yesterday Oscar got his weekly bath. He tolerates it very well; it's the blow-drying he doesn't like and yesterday he rebelled. So I took him outside after it stopped raining and let him air-dry. And a lovely sight it was...

I cleaned up around the computer, shredding what would amount to a13-gallon bag full. The envelopes and anything without our names on it went to the recycle bin. (Sher started the recycle campaign - she takes hers to the base for recycling; we take ours to the workshop; now Paul is having all used plain paper recycled by the city offices.)

It looks somewhat neater, although there are "crevices" where things are stored (folders, paper crafts, mat boards, etc.) that will just have to stay there for lack of a better place to put them.

I also clipped city news from newspapers for Paul's folder; something I always let get away from me and vow not to let happen again. Six months later, there is another stack waiting to be clipped...

Today is very hot, but I had a second glass of tea on the patio and it brings to mind why people enjoy drinking iced tea outside in the hot humid Southern climate. I made the tea like Mama used to, like it should be made - bring water to boil, drop tea bags in water, cover and let steep for about 5 minutes, add enough water so it is not too strong to drink, but not so weak it has no substance to it. Sweeten to taste, the sweeter the better! (Splenda isn't too bad in place of reeaal shugah!)

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