Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Embry Sue

Amy had Embry for quite a long time - about eight years, having adopted her from the animal shelter when she first moved to Memphis, so she was probably around ten years old. She was a pastel calico, pretty muted colors, like watercolor. She was a sweet, loving kitty, but one day she discovered a way outside and left. Amy was heartsick and put up fliers with Embry's picture on it and her number to call if found.

Three months almost to the day she left, Embry reappeared. Amy is sure it was her, but she could not be caught and Amy had to leave her house to go to Little Rock to take her Arkansas licensing test. This morning Amy had called and my phone was in my purse so I didn't know she had until I got to work, and I called her back. She was crying and I could hardly understand what she was saying, but Embry had indeed found her way home. The very sad, devastating thing is that Embry didn't make it home, because Amy's dogs prevented her - she was so near but didn't quite make the back door. I'm sure it was Moe who honed in on her, because he has that much Lab in him that anything that moves he zeroes in on. All Amy could do was cover Embry and put her out of more harm's way until she can attend to her tonight. I'm sure she will be placed alongside Timmy, another beloved cat who died just after Amy moved to her house.

They are so dear to us, our pets, and it just breaks our hearts when something happens to them. Although it is a natural instinct for dogs to hunt prey, it is just tragic that Embry got caught in an inescapable situation. The natural facts don't diminish our grief. It's a loss to Amy and to us, because of course when she hurts, we do. I know how I grieved over Dr. Seuss, and still miss her. But they enrich our lives when we have them. They love us unconditionally, as we do them.

I'm so sorry, Amy. You know Embry was trying to get home to you. She knew you loved her.

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