Monday, June 30, 2008

My Daughter Buys Sewing Thread

One thing, among other domestic skills that Amy and I couldn't agree on (meaning I couldn't teach her) when she was a little girl, was sewing. She had as little patience as I did and we really tried. We tried each others' patience. Then two or three years ago I bought her a portable sewing machine for Christmas or birthday and it sat and sat waiting for the day she would overcome her fear of tangled bobbins and weird instructions on how to thread it and make something wonderful. Sometime in the last few months I gave her some rudimentary lessons and told her she should just practice, play with it and learn to be comfortable with it. She has kept me informed lately on a project she is doing for me and said she loves sewing! Just what a mother who was taught home ec by Mrs. Gaines in 1964 wants to hear! Tonight she called and was on her way to Hancock's to buy sewing thread. Just about all she had was flea market finds bought primarily for the spools and she had no idea of the quality of the thread. She had to have thread, and she had to have it tonight! And it was 30% off!

I am so proud! I can hardly wait to see what she can do with a pattern!

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