Monday, June 16, 2008

One Question

I asked Carolyn and Norma one question: "Who had the framing shop before Sylvia, and she bought her equipment?"

Diane Smith, who is Beth's mom; Beth is Gina's daughter-in-law, and Gina Clegg is Joyce Clark's daughter! Joyce's home is where I went for Amy Hawkins Bacon's bridal shower Saturday! Beth is one of our worship leaders in the Sunday night service at church. Small world! After all these years - still learning. It took a while to learn the "first" (our) generation and I still don't know it. Now I'm learning the relationships among the next generation.

And. I helped someone with credit union business today and it was a surprise to me when he came to the office - it was Joe Swaite, who is a member of our church! I didn't know he works for Arkansas Electric, nor did he know I work for Woodruff. His father-in-law is Nellie Tacker's brother (David Taylor, who was recently ordained as a deacon). I didn't know Nellie and David were siblings until I was telling Paul about all this and he told me about the Taylor-Tackett-Swaite connections.

And. The girl who works at the cable company (where I made a special trip just to see Regina) graduated with Amy. That Regina! Regina Wolf! The two repairmen who came to the house today? One is Sharin Tackett's grandson! Twenty years old! I told the other young man, it wasn't me and Paul that got older. I just don't understand how Keith grew up so fast!

The framing of two small pictures - you never know what you'll learn just from one thing you do.

I really should get out more.

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