Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Time Out

Friday I'm taking off, just 'cause. Not taking off to anywhere except home. Just need a day at home to be, to nap, read, listen to the fan whir, watch a movie if I want to on our newly rewired cable. (The Cable Guys were at the house yesterday and rewired outside and there are no wires criss-crossing our back yard now, looping through the ash tree branches, and it is rewired in the attic. They put a new cable connecting the VCR to the TV, too. The TV reception is so much better. And we asked questions about HDTVs from the "expert." I don't think it makes a lot of difference. "It's like buying a car," he said. "What I might like, you might not." He has both kinds - plasma and LCD and likes both.)

Paul is going to Municipal League Convention in Hot Springs tomorrow through Friday. I have gone with him before, but just don't have that much vacation time - 3 days - so I will just take one for myself. I would enjoy it - I always did - and hope to in the future when I have time! I would do a lot at the hotel that I do at home anyway - and that is nothing - nap, read, watch a movie.

I did a wellness profile on our National's website and overall, I'm in good health. Then why am I so tired? I have an appointment July 1 with the cardio doctor in Germantown just for routine checkup and re-check my cholesterol. I'm going to take my pulmonary tests (CT, PET) to him to look at for his opinion/suggestion. And tell him Mama's history. I guess I need reassuring. It is getting near the one year anniversary and I think a lot lately about all that happened. Every time I walk Oscar and it is hot outside I think of Mama and how hard it was for her to get ready to go somewhere and when she did how exhausted she was before she got started good. She would not, however, give in to the Wal-Mart scooters. She always said just holding onto and pushing the carts helped her walk. What a little trooper she was!

Time outs have a different meaning when you cherish time.

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